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Available in two different colors, beige and black, but can also be ordered with black or white embroidery. Cap made from recycled plastic bottles. Structured with 6 panels and bent visor. Fabric strap with velcro buckle at the back for adjustable size.

Made from 100 % recycled polyester. 

Polyester (PET) is the most widely used fiber in the apparel industry, accounting for around 52% of the total volume of fibers produced globally. It's cheap and durable but it comes with a hidden cost.

  • Virgin Polyester is made from fossil fuels and emits 3 times more CO2e than natural fibers.
  • 35 % of the microplastics in the oceans are estimated to be released from polyester clothes being washed. 

So how come we use Polyester in our caps? 

  • Recycled polyester represents a reduction in GHG emissions by more than 70% as compared to virgin polyester.
  • Caps don't go in the washing machine. 

When looking at materials it's important to make sure to use the right ones in the right garments. When buying clothes containing polyester, try to remember these three things

  1. If you buy Polyester, make sure it's recycled. (today 14 % is recycled vs 86 % virgin)
  2. Never buy a garment with polyester that is regularly put in the washing machine.   
  3. Avoid polyester blends. Polyester-blends with natural fibers make it harder to make the best use of the materials after their lifecycle and even remove the last resort of biodegrading. (the only positive thing with blends is that they release fewer micro-plastics but in that case, it's better to just use 100% of the organic fiber.